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The instructors

A brief presentation of our flight instructors


Sergio Scaramuzzi
Sergio Scaramuzzi

For years he has managed our flight school as Director.

He has always been one of the pilots of the AeC Sondrio with multiple flight licenses, such as acrobatic glider instructor, seaplane licence and towing licence.

As the chief of the flight school, he performs checks before theoretical knowledge and flying examinations.

Enrico Magini
Enrico Magini

The passion for flying has always been innate in him. He did his first flight when he was 5 jumping from the first floor, sure about his imaginary wings. After a broken nose and a few stitches, he decided to to build a hang glider but he got a negative result again. His first model in polystyrene with elastic propeller brought him closer to true principles of flying. In 2003 he enrolled in the first flight course organised by the club. He took insipration to become flying instructors following the work done by his friend Rino Rinaldi.

Paolo Geminiani - istruttore aero club Caiolo
Paolo Geminiani

Flying: the dream of a lifetime. From model aircraft to the flight license. Passion, skills and enthusiasm makes him a great flying instructors. He got his flying instructions rating in 2008. Since 2008 Paolo has followed our school courses with passion, always with his head in the clouds…

You will find out the rest at our Airfield ....

Paolo Marveggio
Paolo Marveggio

He started flying in 2005 in the first motoglider course at the Caiolo school. In 2006 he obtained the certificate for motor gliders and multi-axles and in the following year he was allowed to fly with a passenger. In 2010, after the course in Valdera, he got his flying instructor licence. In 2011 he attended the glider flight course obtaining the license the same year. Subsequently he also got seaplanes, and ultralight helicopters licence. In 2014 he took part in the aeronautical speech teaching course.

Paolo Marveggio
Massimo Palo

From an innate passion for flying, after a career as a professional pilot, he has always dedicated his time to teaching in the various disciplines of the ultralight world.

To his credit more than 5000 flight hours of which 70% are dedicated to teaching on airplanes, motor gliders, helicopters and motorized hang gliders.


Luca Fini.jpeg
Luca Fini
Nunzio Toldo.jpeg
Nunzio Toldo

DTO Head of Training, passionate about flying since ever. After having obtained the diploma of aeronautical developer, he obtained the 1st and 2nd grade flight licences in Aosta. Those are followed by the mountain rating and the aerobatic rating.

In the 2000s he began his career as an airline pilot and became FI, MI, aerobatic instructor and VDS instructor.

He counts to his credit more than 12,000 hours of flight and more than 20.000 landings.

He is a Flight Examiner for mountain flying.

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